Soul and Family Energetic Imprints

In our energy fields and the cells of our bodies we not only hold vibrational imprints from past lives and other experiences we have had as souls but imprints from our family of origin.

We can work with this residue on an energetic level to release negative patterns and beliefs we have gathered up on our soul journey and also the energetic overlays passed down through our families. If one family member works to release and transmute this energy, the entire family both past and present, will feel the effects. An energetic shift takes place that helps the whole family line including ancestors and those who are yet to be born.

The first time I saw this process in action was at a Family Constellation workshop. It  involved some of the participants choosing a family issue to deal with in a ‘family constellation.’ They selected people in the group to represent different family members. With great skill and following her intuitive guidance, our facilitator guided the person whose family issue was under scrutiny to choose people to play each role. Through connecting with the energy of past and present she brought a family pattern or problem into the light of day for resolution and healing.

It was an amazing process to be part of! As I took on the persona of the family member I was representing, ( I was chosen as the grandmother far too often for my liking!) I felt as if I became that person. I instinctively knew how to act and what to say and so did everyone else. A common theme was a present day family member carrying the burden for an older family member or ancestor. The patterns and themes in families were easy to see from addictive behaviours to inter-generational cycles of teenage pregnancy, abandonment or loss. A mother with a suicidal child was expertly guided a generation back to her own mother who had lost her mother at the age of three. Her mother had grieved this loss deeply and like any three year old had wanted to join her mother. This desire to die was now being carried by her granddaughter who had had several suicide attempts. As this realisation emerged the energetic shift in the room was palpable and we could almost feel this family’s ancestors  heave a sigh of relief. I talked to the woman some months later and her daughter was doing well and was no longer suicidal.

I work with clients within their Akashic Records to clear them of sabotaging and limiting beliefs and patterns that have been carried along their soul timeline. With the help of St Germain I shift stuck energy which can be carried from lifetime to lifetime. Like a form of ‘Groundhog Day’, these energetic imprints can draw the same experiences to us repeatedly. There is a similar dynamic within our families and in every family there is at least one person who has a soul agreement ‘to take one for the team’ and to assist their families to transcend and transmute the vibration of drama and dysfunction. Many of my clients have volunteered for this job.

It is possible to clear stuck, vibrational patterns which have kept families in a negative holding pattern for a long time. Family Constellation therapy is one way to do it and the energy of the Akashic Records also provides a safe and loving container for this important healing to take place.

The Akashic Records and Quantum Energy

The Fifth Dimensional energy coming into the planet is activating our quantum field. We all have a quantum field around our body and planet Earth has its own larger quantum field or ‘quantum source field’. Our quantum field is our Light Body or the energetic version of our ‘I AM presence ‘ or god selves. Having a strong quantum field around us opens up huge potential for emotional and physical healing, personal transformation and manifestation.  Most spiritual practises will help us to strengthen our quantum field. Anything that raises our vibration purifies our body and strengthens this field.

The easiest way I know of to activate our quantum field is by opening the Akashic Records. In this high vibration energy it is easier to heal ourselves and to create what we desire.

The timelessness of the Akashic Records mirrors that of quantum energy which doesn’t operate in a linear time frame. Within our Akashic Record we can travel in time to the ‘past’ and ‘future’ to connect with experiences and attributes that can help us now and release the energy of old beliefs, patterns of behaviour and fears that are keeping us stuck.

The cells of our bodies have their own intelligence and respond to our instructions. By engaging with the quantum energy field held at a cellular level in our ‘junk DNA’ we can heal emotional and physical blocks. We can also work with the cells of our bodies to heal from physical ailments, many of which have their origins in past lives.

Our subconscious minds are responsible for over 90% of our thoughts and many of the core beliefs that sabotage our progress come from other lifetimes. Within our Akashic Record, with the power of intention, we can release beliefs that are holding us back, replace them with more empowering ones and imprint this new vibration into our quantum field.  Once  this new imprint  with all of its potential has been created in the meta-physical it is only a matter of time before it becomes our physical reality.

The Akashic Records hold the energetic memory of every thought, feeling and experience we have ever had as souls on Earth. Being able to access this information is helpful but to me, the most exciting thing about the Akashic Records is their energy. It is uplifting and vibrant. It is the energy of the Fifth Dimension. It is quantum energy.

The Akashic Records are a direct pathway to quantum energy which we can use to bring Magic and Miracles into our lives and to Manifest our desires!

Chris Wilson

Beyond Limitation: The lessons of Atlantis

As someone who has lived far too many lifetimes letting other’s control and manipulate me, in this one I am passionate about helping others to move beyond limitation.

I love working in the Akashic Records and the corner stone of my work is personal empowerment. Whether it is helping individuals to see their soul gifts and to release blocks and sabotaging beliefs or giving groups the tools to take charge of their own process, I am dedicated to helping others realise their true power and potential.

The Records can help us by putting our lives in context. When we reflect on ‘past’ lifetimes it is easy to see what we have to work with and release. Their energy is powerful and a perfect place to let go of the energetic imprints of limitation from our human lifetimes. We can link in with positive attributes and experiences from other lifetimes and bring them into the present to empower us now. We can use their energy to heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit and to magnetise and manifest our dreams.

The best thing about the Akashic Records is their energy. Being in our open Akashic Record or that of another raises our vibration. The energetic grid and quantum field that surrounds our bodies is strengthened every time we access the Records and forms both a layer of protection and an energetic lattice of magic and potential. Within this energy vortex we are able to connect with our higher selves and leave limitation behind forever.

For a very long time the human race has been dominated by fear based thought forms and entities which have enslaved and crippled us. We have been indoctrinated and brain washed and have passively acquiesced to actions that have had disastrous consequences. In the final days of Atlantis there were dark forces at play. Advanced mind control technology was developed and used to ‘mess with the minds’ of the masses. Those from the darkness masqueraded as beings of light and successfully exploited and duped many to follow their lead. The corruption and ego-centred greed and lust for power set forces in motion that resulted in the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis forever.

Many of us who are living now were there in those final days. I was one of those who allowed myself to be deceived and betrayed and have regretted it ever since. My last lifetime in Nazi Germany had a similar theme and it ended sadly with me vowing never to let this happen again. In my current lifetime I have been learning to speak and live my truth. I held nothing back when I wrote my book and it felt fantastic!

It is not difficult to see the many parallels Atlantis has to the present. The secrecy of a power elite with a hidden agenda does sound familiar… mind control through hypnotic speaking techniques… hmm. It is vitally important at this time in history that we exercise discernment over what we hear and even what we think. It is time for us all to listen to the one voice we can trust, the truth of our hearts.

Humanity is a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ who pricked her finger on a spindle and has been asleep for a very long time.(much longer than 100 years!). Our prince has had an arduous journey through a very thick forest and is about to kiss us on the lips and wake us up.

We should not let anyone and or anything  determine our destiny. It is time to take control of our lives and to leave oppression behind forever. It is time to reclaim our power.


Chris Wilson

Doing an Aileen

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my sister’s mother-in-law. Aileen died early last Friday morning with her daughter at her side.

Aged 86, she had a life with more than her share of adversity.  Fifty years ago when she had two children aged 2 and 4 and was pregnant with a third, her husband, died suddenly of a heart attack. Her children have grown up to be very good people who make the world a better place. Her grandchildren (8 grandsons,  a granddaughter and great-grandson) are all exceptional and it was heart warming and poignant to see them carry Aileen in and out of the church and to hear them speak.

There were many oral tributes to Aileen spoken with affection, humour and sincerity.  What struck me was that every speaker, without exception, said that they had never heard Aileen say an unkind word about anyone. I wish it were different but I know  that whoever speaks at my funeral won’t be able to say the same. Aileen always saw the best in people, was totally non-judgmental and unable to gossip. She showered her children and grandchildren with love and good food and has left a positive imprint and a remarkable legacy.

I have improved a lot over the years and now usually stop myself before speaking negatively about others but I have still some work to do in this area! I try to be compassionate and tolerant and remind myself that we are all at different stages of the journey. The Akashic Records have helped me to see the perfection of our human relationships and interactions and that we are all heading in the same direction and doing the best we can.  A little bit of Kindness goes a very long way and allowing others to be who they are without judgement is, I think, the kindest act of all.

I first met Aileen in the early 1980s and since then have seen many examples of her gentleness and compassion. She will live on in my memory as someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to humanity. From now on I have a new mantra which I hope will stop me speaking harshly about others or being tempted to gossip. It is ‘Doing an Aileen.’

It is time for us all to ‘do an Aileen’. By stopping ourselves before we act and speak unkindly we can raise the vibration of this planet and move from the darkness into the light.

In memory of a truly great human being.  Aileen Wales 1929-2016.

Chris Wilson

Self Responsibility and the Akashic Records

As healers and Lightworkers it is important to realise we can’t help everyone.

Our ability to assist others is directly proportionate to their ability to receive our help. Healing is a two way process and can’t occur if the person on the receiving end is not receptive and open. They must believe it can help them and believe in us.

We can set the scene, create the intention and bring in the energies but we have no control over the outcome. We can play our part but whoever we are helping needs to play theirs as well. Sometimes it is not for a soul’s highest good to heal at that time. Their physical or emotional condition may be part of a karmic inheritance and present lessons and challenges that they have  chosen on a soul level to experience. It may even be their time to die. At this crucial time on Earth they may be needed elsewhere. We can often be of more use in the Spirit World than as human beings trapped in ailing bodies.

Healers and Lightworkers are by nature responsible people…  but that doesn’t mean that we have to take responsibility for others. After teaching parenting for 12 years I came to the conclusion that the most important thing parents can teach their children is how to be responsible for themselves. We are being called to step up and take full responsibility for ourselves. Victimhood is an outdated paradigm and we can no longer abdicate responsibility or expect anyone else to rescue us. The higher vibration quantum energy that is surrounding us is programmed in such a way that the fall-out and consequences of irresponsibility can rebound and boomerang back on us very quickly. It is time for us all to step up and take full responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

I give readings for others from their Akashic Records which is the energetic  memory of every thought, feeling and experience we have ever had as souls on Earth. In doing this I do my best to empower my clients to use the information they receive to take control of their lives. Most clients have only one reading and I discourage those who become too reliant on the information I bring through and seem unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. I enjoy the social aspect of readings but I much prefer teaching the tools to others so they take charge of their own healing and transformation.

Working in the Akashic Records we can come to a deeper understanding of ourselves which makes our daily lives easier. We can identify and release thoughts, feelings and beliefs from other lives that are holding us back. We can work to heal ourselves physically and use the powerful energy of the Records to manifest what we desire. The Akashic Records by opening us up to the bigger, soul picture of ourselves are a key to the door way of self responsibility.  They provide a gateway which, if we choose to walk through can awaken us to our true potential.

Self Doubt

The one thing most of my clients say I give them is confirmation. Confirmation that their inner voice is correct, that the intuitive hunches they have had to do something or about their potential and future path are correct.

I always think it is strange that we place more importance on the words of someone else than our own. Why is it we need confirmation and reassurance from outside of ourselves?

Most of us (including myself) are riddled with self doubt. Self doubt is the aspect of our human condition that limits us the most. If we are old souls this has been honed through many ‘lifetimes’ of being different and suffering for it. If we are newer souls to Earth it comes from the feelings of insecurity and discomfort of being far away from home and not feeling as if we truly belong. It is a integral part of the human condition and one of the most destructive.

If  my clients could see what I see when I open their Akashic Records they would never doubt themselves again. The people that come to me for readings are without exception magnificent souls with noble soul lineages and many gifts, talents and abilities. I see them in all of their human glory, am starting to see them in their multi dimensional splendour and they take my breath away! It is my role to help them see themselves as they really are: majestic, magical and marvellous. They are not who they think or have been told they are – they are so much more.  The best part of my job is opening my client’s eyes to their true potential and helping them to believe in themselves.

I see the glittering potential of each soul but I don’t get a human time frame with it. I can’t see whether what is destined to happen will happen next week, next year or in ten year’s time. The Akashic Records are a quantum energy, free from the constraints of linear time. Within the Akashic Records anything is possible and we are able to create whatever we focus our energy on. This means that for all of us, our dreams are out there. They are an energy that will bear fruit when  we are ready on all levels of our being. We can’t rush this process or force it and for those of us with big dreams it can take longer. In coaching they talk about ‘Personal Foundation.’ Just as the foundations of a house have to be able to support the structure above, we have to be able to cope with our success. We must have the energy, the knowledge and most importantly the self belief to make our dreams our reality.

In the meantime we have to be patient and to trust. We are not alone. We have many helpers in Spirit and more help is available if we ask for it. The higher vibration energy we are moving into is powerful energy for manifestation. When the time is right and everything is in alignment things things will move very quickly! I have no doubt about that!

Life Purpose

When I give a reading I always ask about Life Purpose. Sometimes the details are specific and other times they are sketchy.  As with everything in the Records there is fluidity and flexibility. Nothing is set in stone and we can change our life purpose as we go or decide not to follow it.

In the Records I see my client’s highest potential and in every single case I am ‘blinded by the light.’  One of the best parts of my job is being able to pass this information on and to tell people what  I see as the highest vision for their life. For many it resonates and provides confirmation which gives them the courage to take the necessary steps towards their soul purpose. I love this aspect of my work. I can see on a soul level why my clients are who they are and the experiences they have had in this life and in other’s that have shaped them. I see what they are capable of and this blows me away! The person in the chair opposite me or on my computer screen may look ordinary but their Akashic Record tells me otherwise and I can’t help but fall in love with them.

The potential for all of us to fufil our life purpose is there but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

For it to become reality we must give the green light and take steps towards our goal.  We are all individuals and do our thing in our own unique way but for some of the bigger life purposes there are others who will step in if we don’t take up the call.  I have just started following Andrew Bartzis , (the Galactic  Historian). He reads the Galactic Akashic Records and has many thought provoking recordings on Youtube. ( The work he does is very specialised and rare. He says there are two others on Earth who could have done this work but they said ‘no’. He said ‘yes’ and his life and his work have taken off.

When we agree to follow the highest plan for our lives, Spirit steps in to assist us but we still have to put the effort in ourselves. We all have huge and glittering potential but it will only become reality if we follow the promptings, take the leaps of faith and work with our unseen helpers to create it. If we ask for the help we need we will get it.

There is no compulsion to fulfil our life purpose or to follow our highest path.  Most of us, myself included have had lifetime after lifetime of turning our backs on our destiny. Fear, self doubt and circumstance have held us back. It will not be the end of the world if we don’t realise our soul potential this time around. There will be more opportunities in the future. Going out on a limb and stepping off the safety of the riverbank into the flowing water takes courage and we have to be ready. Having said that, at this time on Earth it is easier than ever to follow the promptings of our soul. Many people are braving the icy waters of uncertainty and following their hearts.  My husband and I have both done this and as a parent it is the example I am most proud of. The more people who do this the easier it will become for others until making our passion our life’s work is mainstream.

We all have a unique set of soul experiences. Our lives have been designed to foster and to act as a springboard for our life purpose. There is a job with our name on it.

In the book, David Copperfield,  Barkis asks David to pass on a message. ‘Barkis is willing,’ he tells his old nurse, Peggotty. Are you willing?  Are you ready? if so, it is time to take the plunge!