History has always fascinated me. When I was studying for my Masters and then teaching History to teenage girls in the 1980s I never dreamed that one day Soul History would be my subject. My thesis was a dry account of an aspect of 18th century English political history, written to please a lecturer I loved. When I read in my University alumni magazine about my fellow students’ promotions to teaching jobs and lectureships I am tempted to tell them what I am doing now!

I didn’t realise all those years ago that my passion for history might be because I have been a part of it. For the past 100,000 years my soul history has intertwined with that of Earth. Like many of my clients I began my earthly lives in the ancient civilisation of Lemuria. I had several lives in Atlantis and was there at the end. I had significant lives in Egypt and Greece and witnessed Christ’s execution. The Dark Ages were very dark for me. More recently I was one of many victims of World War 11.

I am a star-seed. One of a group of souls from other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy who agreed to come to Earth approximately 100,000 years ago to bring in codes of light and a twelve strand DNA potential. We chose to help at this time in Earth’s history as its vibration lifts and our consciousness changes from fear to love.

I undertook to live many Earth lifetimes and to experience all aspects of being human. Part of my contract was to be here at this crucial time when we are moving from a third to a fifth dimensional planet and to play an active role.

Along the way I have experienced light and dark, good and evil, happiness and sadness and as has been the lot of star-seeds who carry a vibration that many have found threatening, persecution and suffering. On this journey I have created karma and picked up some distorted and negative beliefs and behavior patterns. I understand that an important part of my life purpose this time round has been to release and transcend my fears and these tendencies.

The challenges I have faced in this life have been a catalyst for this. Lucky for me the Akashic Records are helping me in this process by providing a safe space to let go of all that is holding me back.

The Akashic Records are a soul space. The more time I spend there the more aligned I am becoming with my true self. I am able to see the bigger picture of this lifetime and its difficulties and understand who I really am. I am working in my Akashic Record to let go of all that has limited me in this and other lifetimes and am helping others to do the same. The energy is gentle and nurturing. It is light, compassionate and soothing. The Akashic Records are a portal to a special place and a safe container for healing to occur. I am very grateful for their sacred wisdom. In the last few years they have been a lifeline to me.


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