The Akashic records are a soul space

Number 3:

The more I am in the Akashic Records the more aligned I am becoming with my soul. After lifetimes of becoming like those around me to protect myself and to fit in I am rediscovering my authentic self and it feels fantastic!!

The Akashic Records are helping me to do this. When I give readings I get up close and personal with the soul of my client. I see them as they really are, beings of courage and limitless potential and reflect this back. I connect with the highest vision for their current lifetime, their highest potential and possibilities and pass this on. Being in this soul space for myself or whoever I am working with is bringing my human and soul selves into alignment. The chameleon of old is stepping out from behind the rock, basking in the sun and showing its true colours. I have an inner strength of purpose that I have never felt before.

Using the Akashic Records to gain information and to heal is powerful and unquestionably facilitates personal transformation. The true magic of the Akashic Records, however, is what Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll calls, ‘Mining the Akash.’ Within this soul space we can reconnect with our gifts, talents and wisdom from other lifetimes. Once we have mastered a lesson or skill the knowledge stays with us forever. I am reconnecting with my soul abilities and positive experiences from other lifetimes and it is helping me to remember who I really am. I am teaching others how to re-discover and reap the benefits of the gold along their soul timeline as well and It is truly life changing.

The Akashic Records are teaching me about the relationship between our soul and human selves. We have lived many lifetimes of duality where human conflict and suffering have reigned supreme. Along the way there has been a split between our spiritual and our human aspects. Rather than working together in harmony they have been at odds with one another. The Akashic Records can help us bring these two parts back together. When this happens the potentials for the future and what it is possible to co-create are huge.

The Akashic Records are a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms which allows us to rediscover and merge with our soul. They can help us offload the baggage we have picked up in many lifetimes and bring us home to our true selves.

Like lovers reunited after a breakup, fuelled by passion and joy, this combined energy of soul and personality can empower us and take us to new heights. When we work in the Akashic Records in conscious partnership with our soul anything is possible.


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  1. denise528 · January 21, 2015

    Absolutely. Beautiful described!


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