Soul Merge

This year I had an unexpected trip to attend my nephew’s wedding celebrations in Vienna. It has been thirty years since I was last in Europe  so I decided to stay for three weeks and travel on a round trip through the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany and back to Vienna. I travelled on a Eurail pass with my sister who gave me free rein with the itinerary. As I planned the trip I didn’t realise that my soul was in charge. It prompted me to travel to some intense locations. We visited Lidice in the Czech Republic, the Jewish Museum in Prague, Auschwitz- Birkenau in Poland and Buchenwald in Germany.

I went to these places with my Akashic Record open which in retrospect was asking for trouble but I was guided to do this.

I arrived back feeling really weird and promptly got sick. It was more than jetlag. Some deep cellular clearing had been triggered.

I had travelled through familiar territory, to many past life haunts. Not surprisingly my visits to concentration camps affected me greatly. My soul  compelled me to go to these places to meet its need for releasing and healing.

This huge clearing has created room for more of my soul self. A larger piece of who I really am has slotted into place and now more than ever anything is possible. There is a definite line in the sand between the past and the present and the possibilities for the future seem unlimited.

This process has not been without drama as my fearful, ego self has resisted the change but with the help of the Akashic Records this ‘soul merge’ has been happening with relative ease. As I reconnect more with my authentic self I am finding I can’t live as I used to. I know what is possible and finally (after 1000s of years!) believe I deserve it and am no longer willing to settle for second best or for a life that is second rate.

As always happens my process has overlapped with that of my clients who have also been experiencing this fusion of their soul and mortal selves. The guidance I have given them from their Records has also been useful for me to hear.

The Akashic Records carry the energy of ease, flow and trust and are helping with this integration process. They are providing me with the reassurance and confidence to take this leap of faith and  with a safety net as my soul and human selves come together. I have had many lifetimes of disconnection with my (often) despairing soul watching from afar. At last the higher part of me that has looked on as I have played out different roles on many stages feels safe to come home. The Welcome mat is out. I am standing in the door way with open arms. Let the party begin!!


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