Being creative in the records


One of the best things about the Akashic Records is the way we can utilize their energy to help us in our lives and work. They help with any creative process. When I am writing I open my records before I begin. The book I am writing (and future books!) already exist in my Akashic Record so I make it easy for myself. Within my soul record I can also connect with lifetimes where I have been a writer and teacher. An artist friend says he has raised the bar with his Art since he has been painting with his Akashic Record open. Creative people like  writers, artists, actors, film makers, composers, musicians (and everyone else) can all benefit from the soul expansiveness that the Akashic Records provides. The energy of the records amplifies any activity that takes place within it.

Many of those who come to my ‘Soul History Workshops’ are healers and I encourage them to use the Akashic Records to help their clients and to enhance their work. A glimpse of someone’s soul history can be helpful in seeing and understanding the origins of physical or emotional imbalances and in many other ways.

I love hearing about the different and clever ways trainees are using the tools to help others. Many of the light workers who have attended the workshops say access to the Akashic Records has taken their work to a new level. Yesterday I was thrilled to hear from a lovely woman who came to a recent workshop. She told me that she has been loving the experience of going into her Akashic Records every day. She has a business making Aromatherapy products and is using the records to programme crystals for the crystal essences she makes for individual clients. In her own words she said , ‘My work has taken on a whole new direction.’ I can’t believe how quickly things have started to shift and change in my life since I came to your workshop and discovered the Akashic Records.’

I encourage those I teach to use the tools and the records in creative ways to help themselves and others. We all have a soul blue-print to be of service. Everyone’s life plan is different and our personal filter, abilities and experiences are totally unique. There are so many ways the Akashic Records can help us. What I have discovered so far is just the tip of the ice berg. Their magical energies of the records can be activated and utilized to help us  get creative with our innate gifts and talents. Within the Akashic Records we can co-create and become the highest expression of ourselves.




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