Cellular Healing

We can work in partnership with our bodies to heal ourselves. Conducting this healing within our open Akashic Record makes it more powerful.

For many of us the intense process of clearing and releasing we have been experiencing in recent years as well as the re calibration process has triggered health issues. Most of us have areas of physical weakness in our bodies which can be connected to experiences in this lifetime but also in others.

In my case my respiratory system is affected. I enjoyed good health until my late forties when my oldest daughter became seriously unwell. I developed asthma and suffered sinus problems which were undoubtedly triggered by stress but also, I am certain, by re-experiencing the same emotions I have felt as I have died in many lifetimes, struggling for breath. My daughter’s illness was such a shock that I literally held my breath over the next few years. Through accessing my Akashic Records I discovered that I have frequently suffered from chest and nasal complaints. In a Mayan lifetime I was buried alive in a pit  and there were several where I died in fires or suffered from lung diseases. In a life during the mid nineteenth century which has parallels to this one, I came down with tuberculosis at the age of forty-six (when I developed asthma this time round) and died of this illness several years later.

Every cell of our body is like a mini Akashic Record. In the eight layer of our DNA the cells hold the imprint of all we have ever experienced. Our cellular memory and wisdom is held in this multi-dimensional, quantum part of our DNA which has been called ‘junk’ as scientists have not yet been able to find a purpose for it. Kryon calls this intelligence within each cell of our body ‘the innate.’

I have neglected my body for years. It was like a friend I took for granted and failed to appreciate who one day said’ enough is enough‘ and deserted me. I became unwell and struggled for several years to recover.

My energy levels have improved but I have to pace myself as when I don’t the sinus and asthma issues return. I have been working on having a healthier relationship with my body but it has been an uphill task. Recently I have been opening my Akashic Record every day and talking to my cells. I ask them to work with me to heal and to

  • Please remember lifetimes where I was free of sinus infections and asthma and had a healthy and fully functioning immune system.
  •  Be fully restored to a state of full health, optimum functioning and perfection.

Like any friend who is mistreated my body ignored me at first but I  persevered. One day when it was happy because I was out on a walk, it answered me back. ” I don’t trust you.” it said. I did not blame my body one little bit! For years eating has been my addiction of choice and I have frequently ignored its pleas to eat healthily and to exercise. I have learned through my work in the records that soul/ cell wisdom is the key to personal transformation on every level and am keen to use the tools I teach to get the physical me up to speed. Better late than never!

Over the last few years I have been grateful to Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll for confirming many of my intuitive beliefs. Kryon talks of the healing potential when we talk to our cells with intention and love. He says it takes a while for our cells to replicate and this is why it takes time for changes to occur

I am hoping that I can patch things up and get my relationship with my body  back on track. I am letting it know I love it and am hopeful that if I listen to it that one day it will listen to me. I am confident that my persistence will pay off and that I will soon be able to utilise the energy of the records to make peace with my body, enjoy the perfect health that is my birthright and live happily ever after.



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