The Power of Words

I love words. An avid reader from the moment the alphabet made any sense to me, I have always found them comforting. Books were a constant companion throughout my childhood. I read widely then but as a teenager and young woman I became fixated on reading about the holocaust or books that gave me proof of life after death. The best part of the holocaust survivor stories, for me, was always their escape to freedom.

The Akashic Records have helped me to understand this obsession with World War 11. In my immediate past life, I was there. These books helped me to see and understand our eternal nature and allowed me to so some deep soul healing.

When I read Masuru Emoto’s book. ‘The Messages in Water’ I was captivated. His experiments reminded me of what I already knew, that words hold a distinct vibration and affect us physiologically. Words like love and peace leave a positive imprint and words like hate and fear, the opposite. The energy of the words we speak, think and hear is carried in the cells of our body, our energy fields and the water that makes up 50-75 % of our bodies. It is vitally important that we guard our words and thoughts.

When I taught my conscious parenting course one of my favourite phrases was one from Nathaniel Branden’s book, ‘The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem,

words linger long and poisonously.’

I stressed the harm words could do to children and how they formed the basis of the core beliefs they held for life. I knew that words hurt children emotionally but didn’t realise that they could also affect their physical wellbeing.

The cornerstone of my healing work is words, carefully chosen and spoken with intention. The words I say carry a different and distinctive energy for each client, a vibration that is perfect for the healing  needed in each case. I always begin a healing session by stating an intention for what my client wants to happen. After that I trust and go with the flow of the process knowing that the words I speak carry an energy which will help them to release and transcend their emotional and physical challenges.

This understanding of the healing power of words spoken with intention is not new. Prayer is  central to all religions. I felt their power and energy on my trip to Europe last year as I visited ancient cathedrals and churches. I also felt the residue of negative words spoken at Auschwitz where many suffered not only from the physical but the verbal abuse of guards.

My holiday reading has been Sonia Choquette’s book, ‘ Walking Home’ about her walk on the Camino in Spain. Sonia began every day of her pilgrimage by stating a simple intention. My New Year’s resolution is to begin each day in the same way.

This year is only four days old but already it is alive with magic, potential and hope. I can feel its energy and it is a vibration of dreams fulfilled, of miracles and of endless possibility.

Everything we have ever wished for is now within our grasp. No one is going to hand it to us on a platter, however. We have to reach out and grab it ourselves. Setting my intention through words for the year ahead and 365 times in the days that follow will help me to do this and can help you too.


One comment

  1. Aarti · January 4, 2015

    I am so glad you are writing this blog. ! I love your thoughts. Found your site through Judys (satori).
    Gratitude ! Im going to follow the intention a day too. In thebpast when I was going through a depression. I used to affirm on somedays i am going to have a great day today. And well I usually did !
    Now thanks to you its time to get back to it.


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