Being our own authority

I love running my ‘Soul History Workshops.’ In these I teach participants how to access the Akashic Records to

(1) Gain information.

(2) Heal themselves.

(3) Re connect with positive past life attributes and experiences.

I love hearing about the different ways workshop graduates are adapting these tools to help themselves and others. Many of them say the connection with the Akashic Records has taken their work to a new level. One participant who has a business making Aromatherapy products told me she now opens her client’s Akashic Record to programme the crystals in her Crystal Essences.

 I have been meaning to send you a quick message since the workshop just to say thanks again and to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I have been going into the Akashic Records almost every day since then and I am loving the whole experience and what I’m getting from it. I have my wee business making Aromatherapy products and Crystal Essences and I’ve now found that I’m using the Akashic Records to be able to programme the crystals in the Essences for specific people so it has taken on a whole new direction since the workshop!

An overseas client I have taught the workshop to via skype sent me this email recently about the healing power of the records.

Hi Chris

Happy New Year!

Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know something interesting that has happened.

I’ve been in my Akashic Records every day, for most of the day, sometimes doing healing but generally just asking the energy of the records to work with me and through me during the day as I go about my activities, interactions and work.

I did also specifically do the ‘reconnection to god self’ healing multiple times, and I also did the activation of quantum and multi-dimensional DNA lovely healing you gave me too, also multiple times.

And here is my back story…

In May I hurt my shoulder very badly from a yoga stretch or weights I was lifting, and it ripped something deep inside my shoulder under the muscle. It felt like connective tissue or rotator cuff or something. The chiropractor I saw didn´t know what it could be and gave me exercises. I did those and it didn´t work. I tried doing nothing. That didn´t heal it. I tried slinging it and it made no difference. I went back to yoga gently and that didn´t help either. I changed the way I slept to avoid pressure on it, which eased but didn´t heal it. I tried theta healing many times and that didn´t create lasting change either. I was confused about what exactly was wrong.

Well, one week after doing the healings while in my Akashic Records, the pain is gone. I can feel the shoulder and arm are still weak because I haven´t been using them properly for 7 months or so, but so far there is no pain and no twingeing when I use it. It’s awesome! Very, very cool, and I am excited about how this has reminded me and shown me the healing power of this process. I have been using theta and what you taught me and have followed my intuition in the way I have been doing healings and visualisations within the records. It is great to enter 2015 with a healed shoulder!! 

These two women have used the energy of the records to heal themselves and others. In the workshops I teach my process for accessing and utilising the Akashic Records but strongly encourage participants to adapt the tools for their own purposes. The method I teach works for me but that doesn’t mean that everyone must follow it. We are all individuals with different filters and unique abilities. I feel like I have done my job when my students go away and use the Records in creative ways that resonate with them and fit in with their lives and skills.

The energy we are in at this time on Earth is the energy of empowerment. It is not about sticking to a rigid way of doing things or of taking everything we hear as gospel. It is about listening to our own truth and doing what is right for us.

I enjoy passing on soul information but much prefer giving the tools to others so they can find their own answers and take responsibility for their needs.The Akashic Records foster individual empowerment and self responsibility. These human qualities are essential if we are to successfully make the transition from a consciousness of fear to a vibration of love. The energy we are moving into is not one of victimhood, dependency or blame. It is time for us  to take control of our lives, to leave all self doubt and mis-trust behind and to become our own authority. The Akashic Records can help us do this.

My time spent in the records has heightened my intuition.  Now I can ask a question in my head and instantly receive a clear and helpful answer.The Akashic Records can help us to re claim our power and mastery. They are here to give us vital assistance as we move from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.


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