We are so much more than we think we are. Many of us have spent our lives feeling alone, abandoned and homesick. We have lived lives of limitation …  within an empty space that we have desperately tried to fill. Our childhoods and family patterns have helped determine our addiction of choice. Alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, work, spirituality, spending, sex. Addictions have helped to numb the pain but haven’t filled the gap.

The answer is not outside ourselves. It is within. As many others have said, ” It is an ‘inside job.’

From the moment of birth we are disconnected from our God-selves. As small children we still carry some of the magic. For most of us this is soon lost as we take on the beliefs and consciousness of the society we are a part of. Sub-conscious memories of other lifetimes on Earth where we have been limited and which have been limiting, drag us down and keep us small. That is the bad news. The good news is that deep inside us, within every cell of our body in fact, a momentous change is taking place.

The consciousness of the Earth has been transforming in recent years. If we think back to how we were and what we thought five or ten years ago, it is easy to see this. As above, so below and what is happening to the planet is also happening to us!

The DNA within the cells of our bodies is being activated! Scientists have identified only 4 percent of our DNA as having any use. The rest they have labelled ‘junk’ as to their 3D eyes it doesn’t do anything. Our remaining DNA (over 90 percent)  is now coming alive!! and with it the chance to reconnect with and to rediscover our God-selves.This DNA is quantum and has quantum abilities. It is the instruction manual for the small percentage of our DNA that seems to do all the work. Within it is our Akashic Record, our soul heritage and karma, gifts and abilities and the potential for self healing and miracles. We can work with this DNA to transcend human suffering and pain once and for all and to reclaim our mastery.

Kryon in his book, ‘ The 12 Layers of DNA,’ says that when Jesus was alive his DNA was 100% activated and that those of us living on Earth at this time have   30 percent DNA activation. Watch this space!! Our magical, mysterious and miraculous DNA capabilities are returning. The ‘New Children’ are wired differently and working at a higher level than 30 percent. For the rest of us the high vibration energy that has been streaming into Earth since 1987 and more intensely since 2012, is activating our DNA and helping us to re-member who we are and what we are capable of.

” How can I speed up the process?” I hear you asking. How can I rediscover my God-self?”

Light language, the language that many starseeds are beginning to speak stirs and activates the cellular memory. So does Crystal Bowls, sound, colour and light healing, words spoken with purity of intent and the Akashic Records! Maybe the reason I feel so good when I am in my Records is because I am connecting with their cellular counterpart, with my quantum DNA and all the riches this treasure chest has to offer!

Your Records can help you to reclaim your God-self and your true potential. Being in your open Akashic Record is an easy and a user-friendly way to activate your DNA!! You can open your Akashic Record, and be in their energies, go to work, on a walk, do the ironing, have lunch with friends and be activating your DNA at the same time!

As the multi-dimensional powerhouse within the cells of our body sparks back into life we are becoming more aligned with our soul selves and more able to help ourselves and the rest of humanity. The Kingdom of God is not in some far off unreachable place it is within each and every one of us…  at the heart of the DNA in the cells of our bodies.

The magic of the Akashic Records just goes on and on! They can help us to wake up to our real selves. They are a powerful and easy way to connect with our true magnificence and to the God within.



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