Bringing the Akashic Records into Daily Life


In my ‘Soul History Workshops’ I teach people how to:

(1) Open the Akashic Records to get information for themselves and others.

(2) Use the Records for healing and in particular to let go of limitation.

(3) To ‘mine their Akash’ (to use Kryon’s term) to reconnect with positive past life memories, talents and attributes.

It is easy to go on a course, to focus on it for a day and to get inspired. It is not so easy to keep using the tools once day-to-day life kicks back in.

My greatest wish is that my soul history students use these techniques in their daily lives.

These tools are life changing! Like me you can go from ‘tragic to magic’ through consistently and intentionally accessing the beauty and power of your Akashic Record.

Our Akashic Record can be opened by saying a simple prayer that includes our current, legal name.

Just being in your Akashic Record regularly will change your life for the better. The energy the Records  carry is Fifth Dimensional and profoundly healing. If there is time for nothing else, I encourage my soul history trainees to open the Records daily so they can benefit from their energy.
Using the Records to ask questions for guidance doesn’t have to be arduous.  If there is no time to do this first thing in the morning you can open your Record on the way to work, asking yourself mental questions as you drive there or writing down soul wisdom on the train.

Once you are at work you can make life easier for yourself by staying in your Akashic Record. This will help you to see things from a higher vantage point, to detach from drama, to cope better with conflict and stress, to work creatively and collaboratively and to make decisions.

If you have any triggering moments during your day, you can quietly deal with your emotions by enlisting the help of St Germain and working within your Akashic Record to let go of anger, resentment, anxiety or anything else.

Before an important meeting you can prepare yourself by ‘Mining your Akash.’ You can stay in your Akashic Record and ask for whatever you think will help. eg” Cells of my body. please remember lifetimes when I was a leader, when I was articulate and persuasive, when I had huge self belief.”

It is time to take the mystique out of the Records. They are not something to be rolled out on special occasions or used sparingly or occasionally. They are there to be used every day while we are living our lives: at work, at home, in the car, when we are cleaning the house, in our lunch break…  to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

There are simple ways we can use them in the midst of our busy lives and workplaces. We can use them quietly and unobtrusively to enhance every aspect of our existence. Through accessing our Akashic Record we can take our soul to work or into any situation and help not only ourselves but those around us. It is easy to earn new tools and practices. The challenge is to integrate them into our lives so we can reap the benefits.


Chris Wilson

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