The Akashic Records and the Fifth Dimension

The Akashic Records are not just somewhere to go to find out about past lives. It can be helpful to know where we have lived and who we have been …  but the Akashic Records are much more than that.

The best thing about them is they lift us into a higher vibration energy, the energy of the Fifth Dimension, which is a quantum space. Quantum energy is the multi-dimensional energy we are currently moving into on Planet Earth.

It is lively and vibrant with attitude! It is edgy and fun! It is unpredictable and antsy. It is the energy of magic and the energy of miracles.

Anything is possible within this vibration. With pure intention and focus we can heal ourselves emotionally and physically and manifest our greatest desires.

If I was having a party I know who I would invite… the Fifth Dimension would be at the top of my guest list and the Third Dimension at the bottom. I could rely on the Fifth Dimension to get everyone up on the dance floor! This energy which is streaming into Earth at this time of changing consciousness and is also the energy of the Akash is activating DNA that has lain dormant for eons which scientists have labelled ‘junk.’ Within this quantum DNA lies our Akashic Record, healing potentials and links to our divinity and our Pleiadian and Lemurian heritage.

Earth is transforming from a Third to a Fifth Dimensional Planet. Other star systems in the galaxy have made this transition from fear to love and now it is our turn. The energy of the Fifth Dimension is all over the place and many of us feel we have been all over the place as this higher vibration has forced us to face up to ‘shadow’ aspects that are not compatible with this frequency.

For many thousands of years we have lived in a Third Dimensional reality characterised by fear and separation. The good news is that we no longer have to put up with the ‘same old, same old’ that has become our signature. We have taken on limitation and its associated feelings, beliefs and behaviours as ours. We have accepted this as ‘our lot’ and have played out this repeating pattern (in different variations) for many lifetimes.  We don’t have to settle for this any more ! We deserve better and better (much, much better) is possible.

The Akashic Records are a safe place to be at this time of momentous change. They hold the energy of the Fifth Dimension. If we open our Akashic Record regularly and sit in their energy we can become accustomed to it and learn to work with it. The Records can help us to let go of the constraints and restrictions of the Third Dimension and embrace the flamboyance and magic of the Fifth.

Earth is changing in consciousness and upgrading its vibration and this is making personal transformation possible on an unprecedented scale.

It is time for us to break out of our Third Dimensional cocoons and spread our quantum butterfly wings in the wind. Let’s get the party started!

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