I am an author!

I can write my blog again! I have been busy birthing my book, “The Magic of the Akashic Records Understanding Our Soul Journey.’ While  I was focusing on that it was as if  I couldn’t write anything else.

Last week I had my book launch. It was one of the best nights of my life!

I invited all the clients on my email list plus family and friends and am very grateful to those who came. As I woke up on Tuesday morning ( Launch Day) I heard my father (who died in 2013) saying, ‘ Christine, this is your day! You have worked hard. Enjoy it.’ and I did! It was my first book launch and I am not sure when I will have another one, so I savoured every moment.

It definitely made the last two and a half year of writing, re-writing, proof reading and editing worthwhile. For the first time I felt like a real author. I signed and sold books to the lovely people who support me and my work and it felt good.

Writing a book is not for the fainthearted. You have to be disciplined and persistent. I have been dreaming and talking about writing a book for a long time. I thought it would be a parenting book and wrote six chapters of one about 12 years ago. For years I was waiting for the ‘right time’ to start. When the children have left home, when Alice is better, when I have enough money… when, when, when. At the end of 2012 I realised if I waited for the perfect time it might never come and that I should just do it. Mary, my youngest child was heading to Germany on a summer exchange.There was a window of opportunity so on the 1st of January 2013, I started to write. I wrote for four weeks from 8am to 1pm. From then on I fitted writing around the rest of my life. I would try to find a few days or a week when I could concentrate on it. About a year ago I finished my first draft. Since then it has been edited and proof read and re-written and polished. This part of the process took much longer than expected!

The best part was the writing and the way the words would flow out from some deep place inside and the feeling of elation afterwards. As I wrote the book my Akashic Record was open and the whole process was infused with their magic. I didn’t know when I started how and when it would be published but just trusted the process. Like magic the right person or information came  along at just the right time. Because I have been dreaming about being a writer for so long I had the fantasy of receiving a letter from a  publisher. In the end I sent some material off to only one. I posted off four chapters to a US publishing company in June last year. As the months passed and I heard nothing I forgot about it and decided that the quickest way to get my book into print was to self publish.

I needed an editor. I put the thought and the word out and met Simon who I knew was the one. The mental health challenges of my daughter are a major theme of the book. It was this heartbreak that led me to the Akashic Records.  When Simon told me he had lost his sister to suicide, I knew I had found my man. Simon as an academic and a young father in his thirties was new to the subject and far removed from my target group of readers (women aged 25-65), I knew he would be able to look at my writing objectively.

He spent the hot month of January sweltering over my manuscript. His comments. annotations and corrections were written directly on the pages and as I had only one copy I drove straight from his house to a photocopy shop. As I jumped out of the car, carrying my manuscript in a plastic bag, the 160 odd pages started pouring from the bottom. It was a windy day and like a scene from a movie, within seconds, sheets of paper were blowing everywhere!

Cars screeched to a halt and people appeared from nowhere. all chasing pieces of paper. I stood rooted to the spot clutching the few remaining sheets to my chest. It was surreal. I staggered into Warehouse Stationery, found a seat and put the pages in order. I was thrilled and relieved to find that I had every single page. Many were crumpled and some were covered in dirt but they were all there!! I quickly had them copied and as I put them into the plastic bag I noticed that the bag Simon had given me was open at both ends!

That was the low point of my book writing experience. There have been many more highlights.

One of my sisters met a new partner last year. Lee describes himself as a ‘Book Enabler’ and his job is helping writers to publish their books! He spent many, many hours getting my manuscript print ready and he also designed the beautiful cover. This is the best gift anyone has ever given me and I will be eternally grateful to this lovely man.

The most exciting moments have been in the last few weeks. On Thursday, three weeks ago I was pacing around my house anxiously waiting for the proof copy of my book to arrive. My son, Hugh was leaving when my precious parcel was delivered and came rushing in with it. I grabbed it out of his hand and tore the envelope open… and suddenly I was holding my book, the product of many, many hours of dreaming and focused work. My name was on the cover and my photograph was on the back. I was delighted!

The other high point came several days later when a strange-looking envelope arrived. Again, I ripped it open to find the letterhead of the US publishers I had contacted 14 months before. They told me they liked what they had read and that If I hadn’t found a publisher to send through the rest of my book. I was elated!

My book has been born and is now out in the world. Feedback so far is gratifying. Over a year ago I listened to a series of online talks for writers run by the  ‘Wisdompreneurs’ group in the UK. One morning they talked about the importance of not holding anything back and of ‘putting your heart on the page.’ That is what I have tried to do and luckily my family and those whose soul stories I have shared have let me do this. Writing this book has been helpful to me but it is my greatest wish that this book will help many more people.

I hope that people the world over will be touched by the Magic of the Akashic Records and through its words will come to see and understand a bigger picture of life.

It is with great pleasure that Chris Wilson announces the birth of her first book, ‘The Magic of the Akashic Records Understanding Our Soul Journey.’ Mother and baby are both doing well!

Chris Wilson

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