Talking to our bodies

Our cellular structure and the water in our bodies respond to the messages we give them through our thoughts and inner dialogue. Positive thoughts strengthen our bodies and negative thoughts have the opposite effect.

When I taught parenting at the men’s prison I always asked for a volunteer and got them to say a positive and then a negative statement about themselves while I pushed down on their (sometimes very muscly and artistically decorated!) arms. They could easily see the importance of positive self-talk if they wanted to stay strong. I did a similar exercise to show them how dishonesty can weaken us physically by asking them to repeat two phrases, one that was true and one that was false.Their bodies were noticeably weaker when they were not telling the truth.

This practise of kinesiology is nothing new and shows how our bodies listen and respond to our words. Kryon talks of the innate intelligence of the cells of our bodies and urges us to have a relationship with our bodies, to ask for what we want and to re-programme and upgrade self defeating thoughts and beliefs. On the final evening of my parenting courses I taught about affirmations and visualisation. I called these ‘Tools for Transformation.’ I used these myself and knew they worked but thought it was through re-programming the brain in my head. I didn’t realise I was working with trillions of ‘brains’, the intelligence that lies within every cell of my body.

The quantum DNA that is being activated within our bodies ( the 90+ % that has previously been called ‘junk)  has many magical properties and is a hotline to our thoughts, emotions and words.

This DNA is more connected to our soul than our human selves and connects us to our divinity, our soul memory and to our Akashic Record. It holds the memories of who we have been, the possibilities for our future and all of our glittering multi-dimensional potential. It is being activated at this time on Earth by the high vibration energy that is pouring in and being in our open Akashic Record also brings it to life. We can work closely with our cells to transform our beliefs and thoughts and to let go of patterns of self sabotage. We can talk to our bodies and ask them to remember who we are and to draw on experiences, abilities and talents that can help us now.

Any healing done while our Akashic Record is open is more powerful. The higher vibration of the Akashic Records enhances the healing process and facilitates and accelerates transformation.

The hidden properties of our soul DNA are stirring. Kryon says that most human beings are 30 % activated and that a master such as Jesus Christ was 100% activated. This emerging soul/ cell potential will enable us to work with the cells of our body to heal ourselves both emotionally and physically and to co create the life of our dreams.

As a teacher of parenting I encouraged parents to: Keep the lines of communication open with their children, to listen to what they had to say and to talk to them on a daily basis. We should do the same with our bodies. Applying this philosophy to our cellular structure and staying in regular conscious communication with our cells will lay the foundations for unprecedented personal transformation in the future.

Chris Wilson

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