Miracle Cat

Miracles are all around us! They are happening every day and recognising and appreciating them will bring even more of them into our lives. This time yesterday I was distraught.. my whole family was distraught. Our beautiful cat, Cobweb who is 16 years old and has hyperthyroidism was very ill. With every heart beat her body was convulsing. She was listless and exhausted and showing every sign of imminent heart failure. We took her to the vet who told us she would not last a week and that the most humane thing would be euthanasia. We took her to Alice so she could say goodbye, messaged Hugh who is in the UK and took her home. The plan was to put her down last night but we were so exhausted and sad we couldn’t do it. We spent the night loving and appreciating Cobweb and she started to improve. She began to eat and even leapt up and scratched the back of a chair. This morning she is much better, eating and lying in the sun and enjoying life. She is no longer on death row. She is a miracle cat. Yesterday was one of my saddest days in a while but today is full of promise and the sun has come out. In this new energy things can turn around very quickly and miracles are possible. I am grateful for this miracle and am looking forward to more.


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