Life Purpose

When I give a reading I always ask about Life Purpose. Sometimes the details are specific and other times they are sketchy.  As with everything in the Records there is fluidity and flexibility. Nothing is set in stone and we can change our life purpose as we go or decide not to follow it.

In the Records I see my client’s highest potential and in every single case I am ‘blinded by the light.’  One of the best parts of my job is being able to pass this information on and to tell people what  I see as the highest vision for their life. For many it resonates and provides confirmation which gives them the courage to take the necessary steps towards their soul purpose. I love this aspect of my work. I can see on a soul level why my clients are who they are and the experiences they have had in this life and in other’s that have shaped them. I see what they are capable of and this blows me away! The person in the chair opposite me or on my computer screen may look ordinary but their Akashic Record tells me otherwise and I can’t help but fall in love with them.

The potential for all of us to fufil our life purpose is there but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

For it to become reality we must give the green light and take steps towards our goal.  We are all individuals and do our thing in our own unique way but for some of the bigger life purposes there are others who will step in if we don’t take up the call.  I have just started following Andrew Bartzis , (the Galactic  Historian). He reads the Galactic Akashic Records and has many thought provoking recordings on Youtube. ( The work he does is very specialised and rare. He says there are two others on Earth who could have done this work but they said ‘no’. He said ‘yes’ and his life and his work have taken off.

When we agree to follow the highest plan for our lives, Spirit steps in to assist us but we still have to put the effort in ourselves. We all have huge and glittering potential but it will only become reality if we follow the promptings, take the leaps of faith and work with our unseen helpers to create it. If we ask for the help we need we will get it.

There is no compulsion to fulfil our life purpose or to follow our highest path.  Most of us, myself included have had lifetime after lifetime of turning our backs on our destiny. Fear, self doubt and circumstance have held us back. It will not be the end of the world if we don’t realise our soul potential this time around. There will be more opportunities in the future. Going out on a limb and stepping off the safety of the riverbank into the flowing water takes courage and we have to be ready. Having said that, at this time on Earth it is easier than ever to follow the promptings of our soul. Many people are braving the icy waters of uncertainty and following their hearts.  My husband and I have both done this and as a parent it is the example I am most proud of. The more people who do this the easier it will become for others until making our passion our life’s work is mainstream.

We all have a unique set of soul experiences. Our lives have been designed to foster and to act as a springboard for our life purpose. There is a job with our name on it.

In the book, David Copperfield,  Barkis asks David to pass on a message. ‘Barkis is willing,’ he tells his old nurse, Peggotty. Are you willing?  Are you ready? if so, it is time to take the plunge!


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