Self Doubt

The one thing most of my clients say I give them is confirmation. Confirmation that their inner voice is correct, that the intuitive hunches they have had to do something or about their potential and future path are correct.

I always think it is strange that we place more importance on the words of someone else than our own. Why is it we need confirmation and reassurance from outside of ourselves?

Most of us (including myself) are riddled with self doubt. Self doubt is the aspect of our human condition that limits us the most. If we are old souls this has been honed through many ‘lifetimes’ of being different and suffering for it. If we are newer souls to Earth it comes from the feelings of insecurity and discomfort of being far away from home and not feeling as if we truly belong. It is a integral part of the human condition and one of the most destructive.

If  my clients could see what I see when I open their Akashic Records they would never doubt themselves again. The people that come to me for readings are without exception magnificent souls with noble soul lineages and many gifts, talents and abilities. I see them in all of their human glory, am starting to see them in their multi dimensional splendour and they take my breath away! It is my role to help them see themselves as they really are: majestic, magical and marvellous. They are not who they think or have been told they are – they are so much more.  The best part of my job is opening my client’s eyes to their true potential and helping them to believe in themselves.

I see the glittering potential of each soul but I don’t get a human time frame with it. I can’t see whether what is destined to happen will happen next week, next year or in ten year’s time. The Akashic Records are a quantum energy, free from the constraints of linear time. Within the Akashic Records anything is possible and we are able to create whatever we focus our energy on. This means that for all of us, our dreams are out there. They are an energy that will bear fruit when  we are ready on all levels of our being. We can’t rush this process or force it and for those of us with big dreams it can take longer. In coaching they talk about ‘Personal Foundation.’ Just as the foundations of a house have to be able to support the structure above, we have to be able to cope with our success. We must have the energy, the knowledge and most importantly the self belief to make our dreams our reality.

In the meantime we have to be patient and to trust. We are not alone. We have many helpers in Spirit and more help is available if we ask for it. The higher vibration energy we are moving into is powerful energy for manifestation. When the time is right and everything is in alignment things things will move very quickly! I have no doubt about that!

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