Self Responsibility and the Akashic Records

As healers and Lightworkers it is important to realise we can’t help everyone.

Our ability to assist others is directly proportionate to their ability to receive our help. Healing is a two way process and can’t occur if the person on the receiving end is not receptive and open. They must believe it can help them and believe in us.

We can set the scene, create the intention and bring in the energies but we have no control over the outcome. We can play our part but whoever we are helping needs to play theirs as well. Sometimes it is not for a soul’s highest good to heal at that time. Their physical or emotional condition may be part of a karmic inheritance and present lessons and challenges that they have  chosen on a soul level to experience. It may even be their time to die. At this crucial time on Earth they may be needed elsewhere. We can often be of more use in the Spirit World than as human beings trapped in ailing bodies.

Healers and Lightworkers are by nature responsible people…  but that doesn’t mean that we have to take responsibility for others. After teaching parenting for 12 years I came to the conclusion that the most important thing parents can teach their children is how to be responsible for themselves. We are being called to step up and take full responsibility for ourselves. Victimhood is an outdated paradigm and we can no longer abdicate responsibility or expect anyone else to rescue us. The higher vibration quantum energy that is surrounding us is programmed in such a way that the fall-out and consequences of irresponsibility can rebound and boomerang back on us very quickly. It is time for us all to step up and take full responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

I give readings for others from their Akashic Records which is the energetic  memory of every thought, feeling and experience we have ever had as souls on Earth. In doing this I do my best to empower my clients to use the information they receive to take control of their lives. Most clients have only one reading and I discourage those who become too reliant on the information I bring through and seem unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. I enjoy the social aspect of readings but I much prefer teaching the tools to others so they take charge of their own healing and transformation.

Working in the Akashic Records we can come to a deeper understanding of ourselves which makes our daily lives easier. We can identify and release thoughts, feelings and beliefs from other lives that are holding us back. We can work to heal ourselves physically and use the powerful energy of the Records to manifest what we desire. The Akashic Records by opening us up to the bigger, soul picture of ourselves are a key to the door way of self responsibility.  They provide a gateway which, if we choose to walk through can awaken us to our true potential.

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