Doing an Aileen

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my sister’s mother-in-law. Aileen died early last Friday morning with her daughter at her side.

Aged 86, she had a life with more than her share of adversity.  Fifty years ago when she had two children aged 2 and 4 and was pregnant with a third, her husband, died suddenly of a heart attack. Her children have grown up to be very good people who make the world a better place. Her grandchildren (8 grandsons,  a granddaughter and great-grandson) are all exceptional and it was heart warming and poignant to see them carry Aileen in and out of the church and to hear them speak.

There were many oral tributes to Aileen spoken with affection, humour and sincerity.  What struck me was that every speaker, without exception, said that they had never heard Aileen say an unkind word about anyone. I wish it were different but I know  that whoever speaks at my funeral won’t be able to say the same. Aileen always saw the best in people, was totally non-judgmental and unable to gossip. She showered her children and grandchildren with love and good food and has left a positive imprint and a remarkable legacy.

I have improved a lot over the years and now usually stop myself before speaking negatively about others but I have still some work to do in this area! I try to be compassionate and tolerant and remind myself that we are all at different stages of the journey. The Akashic Records have helped me to see the perfection of our human relationships and interactions and that we are all heading in the same direction and doing the best we can.  A little bit of Kindness goes a very long way and allowing others to be who they are without judgement is, I think, the kindest act of all.

I first met Aileen in the early 1980s and since then have seen many examples of her gentleness and compassion. She will live on in my memory as someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to humanity. From now on I have a new mantra which I hope will stop me speaking harshly about others or being tempted to gossip. It is ‘Doing an Aileen.’

It is time for us all to ‘do an Aileen’. By stopping ourselves before we act and speak unkindly we can raise the vibration of this planet and move from the darkness into the light.

In memory of a truly great human being.  Aileen Wales 1929-2016.

Chris Wilson


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