Beyond Limitation: The lessons of Atlantis

As someone who has lived far too many lifetimes letting other’s control and manipulate me, in this one I am passionate about helping others to move beyond limitation.

I love working in the Akashic Records and the corner stone of my work is personal empowerment. Whether it is helping individuals to see their soul gifts and to release blocks and sabotaging beliefs or giving groups the tools to take charge of their own process, I am dedicated to helping others realise their true power and potential.

The Records can help us by putting our lives in context. When we reflect on ‘past’ lifetimes it is easy to see what we have to work with and release. Their energy is powerful and a perfect place to let go of the energetic imprints of limitation from our human lifetimes. We can link in with positive attributes and experiences from other lifetimes and bring them into the present to empower us now. We can use their energy to heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit and to magnetise and manifest our dreams.

The best thing about the Akashic Records is their energy. Being in our open Akashic Record or that of another raises our vibration. The energetic grid and quantum field that surrounds our bodies is strengthened every time we access the Records and forms both a layer of protection and an energetic lattice of magic and potential. Within this energy vortex we are able to connect with our higher selves and leave limitation behind forever.

For a very long time the human race has been dominated by fear based thought forms and entities which have enslaved and crippled us. We have been indoctrinated and brain washed and have passively acquiesced to actions that have had disastrous consequences. In the final days of Atlantis there were dark forces at play. Advanced mind control technology was developed and used to ‘mess with the minds’ of the masses. Those from the darkness masqueraded as beings of light and successfully exploited and duped many to follow their lead. The corruption and ego-centred greed and lust for power set forces in motion that resulted in the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis forever.

Many of us who are living now were there in those final days. I was one of those who allowed myself to be deceived and betrayed and have regretted it ever since. My last lifetime in Nazi Germany had a similar theme and it ended sadly with me vowing never to let this happen again. In my current lifetime I have been learning to speak and live my truth. I held nothing back when I wrote my book and it felt fantastic!

It is not difficult to see the many parallels Atlantis has to the present. The secrecy of a power elite with a hidden agenda does sound familiar… mind control through hypnotic speaking techniques… hmm. It is vitally important at this time in history that we exercise discernment over what we hear and even what we think. It is time for us all to listen to the one voice we can trust, the truth of our hearts.

Humanity is a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ who pricked her finger on a spindle and has been asleep for a very long time.(much longer than 100 years!). Our prince has had an arduous journey through a very thick forest and is about to kiss us on the lips and wake us up.

We should not let anyone and or anything  determine our destiny. It is time to take control of our lives and to leave oppression behind forever. It is time to reclaim our power.


Chris Wilson

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