The Akashic Records and Quantum Energy

The Fifth Dimensional energy coming into the planet is activating our quantum field. We all have a quantum field around our body and planet Earth has its own larger quantum field or ‘quantum source field’. Our quantum field is our Light Body or the energetic version of our ‘I AM presence ‘ or god selves. Having a strong quantum field around us opens up huge potential for emotional and physical healing, personal transformation and manifestation.  Most spiritual practises will help us to strengthen our quantum field. Anything that raises our vibration purifies our body and strengthens this field.

The easiest way I know of to activate our quantum field is by opening the Akashic Records. In this high vibration energy it is easier to heal ourselves and to create what we desire.

The timelessness of the Akashic Records mirrors that of quantum energy which doesn’t operate in a linear time frame. Within our Akashic Record we can travel in time to the ‘past’ and ‘future’ to connect with experiences and attributes that can help us now and release the energy of old beliefs, patterns of behaviour and fears that are keeping us stuck.

The cells of our bodies have their own intelligence and respond to our instructions. By engaging with the quantum energy field held at a cellular level in our ‘junk DNA’ we can heal emotional and physical blocks. We can also work with the cells of our bodies to heal from physical ailments, many of which have their origins in past lives.

Our subconscious minds are responsible for over 90% of our thoughts and many of the core beliefs that sabotage our progress come from other lifetimes. Within our Akashic Record, with the power of intention, we can release beliefs that are holding us back, replace them with more empowering ones and imprint this new vibration into our quantum field.  Once  this new imprint  with all of its potential has been created in the meta-physical it is only a matter of time before it becomes our physical reality.

The Akashic Records hold the energetic memory of every thought, feeling and experience we have ever had as souls on Earth. Being able to access this information is helpful but to me, the most exciting thing about the Akashic Records is their energy. It is uplifting and vibrant. It is the energy of the Fifth Dimension. It is quantum energy.

The Akashic Records are a direct pathway to quantum energy which we can use to bring Magic and Miracles into our lives and to Manifest our desires!

Chris Wilson


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