Soul and Family Energetic Imprints

In our energy fields and the cells of our bodies we not only hold vibrational imprints from past lives and other experiences we have had as souls but imprints from our family of origin.

We can work with this residue on an energetic level to release negative patterns and beliefs we have gathered up on our soul journey and also the energetic overlays passed down through our families. If one family member works to release and transmute this energy, the entire family both past and present, will feel the effects. An energetic shift takes place that helps the whole family line including ancestors and those who are yet to be born.

The first time I saw this process in action was at a Family Constellation workshop. It  involved some of the participants choosing a family issue to deal with in a ‘family constellation.’ They selected people in the group to represent different family members. With great skill and following her intuitive guidance, our facilitator guided the person whose family issue was under scrutiny to choose people to play each role. Through connecting with the energy of past and present she brought a family pattern or problem into the light of day for resolution and healing.

It was an amazing process to be part of! As I took on the persona of the family member I was representing, ( I was chosen as the grandmother far too often for my liking!) I felt as if I became that person. I instinctively knew how to act and what to say and so did everyone else. A common theme was a present day family member carrying the burden for an older family member or ancestor. The patterns and themes in families were easy to see from addictive behaviours to inter-generational cycles of teenage pregnancy, abandonment or loss. A mother with a suicidal child was expertly guided a generation back to her own mother who had lost her mother at the age of three. Her mother had grieved this loss deeply and like any three year old had wanted to join her mother. This desire to die was now being carried by her granddaughter who had had several suicide attempts. As this realisation emerged the energetic shift in the room was palpable and we could almost feel this family’s ancestors  heave a sigh of relief. I talked to the woman some months later and her daughter was doing well and was no longer suicidal.

I work with clients within their Akashic Records to clear them of sabotaging and limiting beliefs and patterns that have been carried along their soul timeline. With the help of St Germain I shift stuck energy which can be carried from lifetime to lifetime. Like a form of ‘Groundhog Day’, these energetic imprints can draw the same experiences to us repeatedly. There is a similar dynamic within our families and in every family there is at least one person who has a soul agreement ‘to take one for the team’ and to assist their families to transcend and transmute the vibration of drama and dysfunction. Many of my clients have volunteered for this job.

It is possible to clear stuck, vibrational patterns which have kept families in a negative holding pattern for a long time. Family Constellation therapy is one way to do it and the energy of the Akashic Records also provides a safe and loving container for this important healing to take place.

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