In Queenstown with Kryon!

Kryon is coming to Queenstown this weekend. I will be there too! On Saturday I fly south for a week of Kryon Channellings, Lemurian magic and a special day at Aoraki next Friday.

Kryon coming to Mt Cook has been on my wish list for a while. About 18 months ago my friend Donna and I talked about just such a possibility. We were about to email the Kryon group to suggest it when we heard it was happening! How’s that for synchronicity…  and manifestation! Next Friday Donna will be at her second home, Aoraki playing her crystal bowls.

As soon as I heard the news I knew I had to be there. It is my treat for 2016. It seemed a long way away but now it is happening in just a few days!

I will always be grateful to Kryon, a loving angelic entity, channelled by Lee Carroll. If I am having a bad day listening to a Kryon channel always lifts me up. I vividly remember years ago when I knew there was a book waiting for me in Whitcoulls. I walked in and there it was, ‘The Indigo Children’  by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. At the time I was teaching a conscious parenting course I had created. The book confirmed to me the importance of parenting this new generation from a place of love not fear. Over the years Kryon’s words, channelled through Lee have continued to give me confirmation of what I already know.

At one of my early ‘Soul History Workshops’ I heard myself say, “Our Akashic Record is in every cell of our body.’ I was immediately challenged by a woman who didn’t agree and who argued that Bruce Lipton who has scientific proof that our cells hold the memories of our early years, wouldn’t agree either. I stood my ground but it was touch and go as I listened to a voice in my head ask “Why can’t Bruce Lipton and Chris Wilson both be right? “(Over the years I have learned to trust my inner knowing – many of the parenting ideas I taught in the early 90s and were a bit controversial then are now mainstream). The following week I read a Kryon channelling which said that our Akashic Record or Akash as Kryon calls it is imprinted in every cell of our body. I went on to read the Kryon book, ‘The 12 Layers of DNA,’ which further supported and validated the work I am doing in the Records. Kryon is at the cutting edge and it is exciting to see that statements he made 10-15 years ago are now being supported by Science.

So Kryon, I am grateful to you – for expanding my awareness and confirming my inner wisdom.

-For helping me see how the Akashic Records can be used as a tool for healing and transformation.

-For the recognition you give the Akashic Records as a crucial part of our soul and human evolution at this time on Earth.

A few years ago my friend, Terumi was going to a Kryon event on Easter Island/ Rapanui. I wrote a thank you letter for her to personally deliver to Lee Carroll. Next week I am hoping to meet Monika Muranyi, a member of the Kryon team who has pulled together the Kryon channellings on the Akashic Records into a wonderful book, ‘The Human Akash.’ Maybe I will get to meet Lee Carroll and thank him again in person. As someone who is living, breathing and trusting in his life purpose and transforming humanity with his words, he is an inspiration to me.

It has been snowing this week in Queenstown! How exciting! What an adventure! Can’t wait! Bring it on! Only two more sleeps. Queenstown here I come! Woo hoo!

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