Quantum Magic

We are Light. We are energy and have been going through a process of  transformation. Many of us are old souls with many incarnations on Earth under our belts. In the Earth School we have learned about duality. The yin and the yang, the light and the dark.

Earth is raising its vibration and so are we. We have been undergoing an intense process is recent years of releasing the lower vibration beliefs and behaviours which have kept us stuck for a very long time. This began with the Harmonic Convergence in 1989 and has gained momentum since 21/12/12 when the frequencies of higher dimensions began to flood the planet.

We are returning home to our true natures and reconnecting with the Light within, the Light we truly are, the Light that is inside us all. The dark is still revealing itself but soon it will have nowhere to hide. We consist of energy and are a vibratory mass of atoms, molecules, particles and photons. The photon is the smallest element and it is the one with quantum capabilities. As our bodies have taken on more Light their quantum potential has increased.

Quantum energy is magical energy. It doesn’t play by the rules. It makes its own rules. It responds directly to our thoughts and feelings. We carry quantum energy in our bodies  (within the ‘junk’ DNA), in the energy field around our bodies ( quantum field). It also exists in the crystalline grid which surrounds the Earth and in other parts of the galaxy and in the galaxies beyond. We can work with this energy for physical and emotional healing and transformation and to bring magic and miracles into our lives.

Quantum energy responds to our individual and collective consciousness. What we think we create – and with the upgrading of Earth’s vibration and greater influxes of quantum energy this is happening faster than ever before.

Quantum energy has intelligence and can link in with the same vibration elsewhere. Quantum waves move through time and space to create coincidences, synchronicities, magic and miracles.

The energy of the Akashic Records is quantum. It is not linear, it is multi-dimensional and it also consists of waves of energy that time-travel and have an intelligence and ‘memory’ all of their own.

The Akashic Records are the easiest way to access quantum energy that I know. Opening our Akashic Record gives us fast and easy entry to this higher vibration energy. The more we open our Record or sit in the energy of someone else’s, the higher will be our vibration. The higher our vibration the stronger our quantum field is and the easier it is to manifest our desires.

We can work within our Akashic Record to give new instructions to the quantum part of our DNA to heal ourselves and transform our lives.

Opening our Akashic Record and sitting in their energy strengthens the energy field around our body and creates a powerful hothouse for manifesting our desires.

We can focus on what we want to create in our lives and imprint the reality into the quantum field surrounding our bodies. Once the potential exists meta-physically it is only a matter of time before it translates into the physical.

We are not who we think we are. We are energy and the objects around us are also energy that is vibrating so slowly that they look solid.

We can combine our energy with that of the Akashic Records and travel at the speed of Light. Hop on board! The ‘magical mystery tour’ is about to begin.

Chris Wilson

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