Newsletter December 2016 Newsletter from Chris Wilson, Akashic Readings, NZ : December 2016 Xmas specials- Facebook- Online course- upcoming events ‘The Akashic Records are a bridge between the old and the new ‘ —————————————————————– I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Soul History Workshop Levels 1 and 2 in Auckland last weekend. In May I sent an email out saying I was only going to teach one Level 2 workshop this year. Soon after I was prompted by Spirit to change my mind… and I’m glad I did. Preparing for the Level 2 workshops in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland has helped me clarify my ideas on using the high vibration, quantum energy of the Records for physical healing and manifestation. I will be talking about this in my next book which I plan to publish in 2018. There will be more Level 1 and 2 workshops next year in Sydney, Wellington and Auckland at this stage. .. this of course could change. I just do what I’m told!! In the meantime I have some Christmas special offers: • Buy copies of my book for $25 (plus postage) for Xmas presents. See • Email me at to order. Facebook: Special Offer : Free reading As I write this I have 480 ‘likes’ on my facebook page, Chris Wilson – Akashic Readings NZ. The 500th person to ‘like’ my page will receive the gift of a free reading. I set up this page in 2013 after the Hay House Writer’s workshop in Melbourne. There I learned that a Facebook page would help me get my message out there… If I wanted my book to be distributed widely I needed a ‘platform.’ The understanding that there is a bigger picture to life and that we choose certain circumstances in order to evolve can help us move beyond human suffering It is my mission to get this message out to as many people as possible and to teach others how to access the energies of the Akashic Records so they too can go from ‘tragic to magic.’ On my facebook page I post blogs, workshop details and other items of interest and relevance. To ‘like’ my page and have the chance of a free session click on the link: The Magic of the Akashic Records Understanding Our Soul Journey If you have read the book, ‘The Magic of the Akashic Records, Understanding Our Soul Journey’ and like and believe in its message you can help me by: (1) Lending your copy to others or letting them know how to buy a copy. (2) Posting a review on Amazon, Here is the link: —————————————————————— Soul History Workshop Online Course I am excited to announce the ‘Soul History Workshop’ course is now available from me and from my website for $77NZD. ( a drop box link is sent to download) • A booklet and CD version of this course is also now available for $99NZD (Postage not included).This includes a work book and 5 audio recordings. The course contains the material I teach at my Level 1, Soul History Workshop. It allows you to learn how to access your Akashic Record and those of others by yourself and at your own pace. It consists of 8 sessions, each of which take from 40 to 65 minutes to complete.. The course will help you to: Learn how to access your Akashic or soul record to (1) Obtain information for yourself and others (2) Release limitation and blocks (3) Connect with your soul gifts and abilities. Email me at if you wish to purchase this course. Blog If you would like to read and follow my blog, click on the link below Upcoming Events : Akashic Readings NZ 2016. • Wellington: December 10th: Soul History Workshop: Level 1, Thorndon, Wellington: 9.30am to 5.30pm.$160 2017 • Nelson: Evolve Festival: January 20-22nd, Founders Park, Nelson. • Nelson: January 25th: Soul History workshop, Level 1, the Jaycee Room, Founder’s Park: 9.30am to 5.30pm. $160 • Westport: The Festival of Discovery: March 4: • Christchurch : Body Mind Spirit Festival : 11-12 March. • Please email me at if you are interested in registering for any of these events.

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