Beyond Suffering

The first chapter of my next book is called ‘Beyond Suffering.’ In the book I plan to teach simple tools in the Akashic Records that can help us to leave human suffering behind forever.

The Akashic Records are a record of that suffering. Every heartache, fear, sadness and trauma we have ever experienced is inscribed in our Akashic Record: the energetic record of every experience we have ever had on Earth. Many of these have left their mark on our souls and psyches and this is what we have come to expect from life.

These memories are not written in indelible ink. From the vantage point of the ‘present’ we can re-write the past and clear and release the negative experiences that have held us hostage for lifetimes. There has never been a better time to do this.

The energy pouring into our planet since 21/12/12 is of a high vibration. It is quantum and resonates with the energy of the Akashic Records. Quantum energy has an affinity with other quantum energy and assisted by the new energy on planet Earth we can work within our Akashic Record to re-frame, resolve and release the past and open ourselves to the soul potentials for our present and future. We can work on a soul level and ‘time travel’ in the non-linear time of the Records to move beyond suffering forever.

After many lifetimes of suffering I am ready for a change. The Akashic Records have assisted me to identify and clear some heavy-duty imprints and energetic residue that have kept me in a repetitive negative cycle for lifetimes. It is what I have come to expect and attract.

I have had my share of suffering in this lifetime. It was the serious mental illness of my eldest daughter that led me to the Records. I couldn’t understand the severity of her illness in human terms and wanted to be able to see things from a soul perspective. I found a way to access the Akashic Records and this information has been very helpful… life changing in fact. It has led to a new career and is helping make the dreams I have for this lifetime come true… Despite all this, as an old soul on Earth, suffering has been so deeply etched into the fabric of my being that it is hard to leave behind.

One of the distinctive aspects of life on this planet is that we have free will. This means we have choices. Before birth we may plan for our lives to go a certain way, have all the sign posts in place and the circumstances designed to give us the best chance of fulfilling our mission but… this is no guarantee of success. I know this from personal experience of  many lifetimes where I have strayed from the path.

Free choice can be a boon or a burden. On the ‘plus’ side it gives us the potential and scope to go way beyond our pre-ordained plan. The progress we make, what we create and the legacy we leave in each lifetime has no limits! On the ‘minus’ side we can often feel alone and abandoned and particularly if we have experienced many lifetimes in the old energy it can be easy to follow the road that is familiar and make the same choices we have made before.

I believe that one of the best choices we can make at this time on Earth is to move ‘beyond suffering’ for good. That means no more complaining about anything, no victimhood and no drama. I have learned the hard way how counterproductive these behaviours can be! I have been there, got the T shirt and learned that all it does is perpetuate your own suffering and that of other’s. We have free will and our lives are a reflection of what is inside us… human suffering has become a way of life not because we are the victims of some vast conspiracy or plot but because we choose it.

Now publically in this blog I am saying farewell to suffering. I will let it go with love as it has helped me get to this point and has been the crucible for much learning. I am grateful for this but I no longer need suffering in my life in any way, shape or form.

If you also feel ready to renounce suffering you may want to say the words that I am about to say. This has been a long time coming! There is cheering in the heavens! Woo hoo!

It is my intention from this moment on to leave behind all human suffering in all directions of time (past, present and future) and to completely release its energetic imprints from my physical and energy bodies and from my cellular memory. I step into a new paradigm of inner and outer peace and am ready and willing to be of service and to fulfil all aspects of my mission on Earth in this lifetime.

I place the seal of the office of the Christ on and over me.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

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