Positive Past Life imprints – An interesting session with a client.

I just had a very interesting session with a lovely lady in Perth who asked to be reconnected with positive past life experiences and attributes that can help her now.

I opened her Akashic Record and these eight lives came up.

  • A galactic gate keeper before her soul came to Earth.
  • A healer in Lemuria.
  • A Greek philosopher.
  • An Egyptian building a pyramid.
  • A Druid carving intricate symbols on stone.
  • A nun caring for children in a convent orphanage.
  • A young woman and acclaimed ballet dancer in Russia who got pregnant out of wedlock.
  • A professor who was intellectual, studious and analytical.

My client is a beautiful soul and her humility, innate wisdom and pure and open heart shone through in all of these lives. Not surprisingly the life where she experienced the greatest soul growth was the hardest. A gifted dancer who was the pride of her Russian village, she went from ‘hero to zero’ after she was seduced by a married man and became pregnant. Her baby was handicapped and she could have given him away and returned to the stage but she loved him intensely and chose to bring him up herself. Her family and community shunned her completely and gave her no support. (during the reading I kept getting a mental picture of a young woman, very much alone, pushing a boy in a primitive wooden wheel chair/cart). Her strength of character, courage and compassion and above all the love in her heart came through and with it the understanding that she had chosen these difficult circumstances to learn the true meaning of unconditional love.

I got my client to close her eyes and brought in all 8 of these past life selves. She connected with their energies and pulled in the vibration of their different attributes and talents.

Some of these were:

  • Galactic gate keeper: The gift of manifesting in the physical realms through the power of intention.
  • Lemuria: Balance between the head and the heart.
  • Greek philosopher: Intellect and communication skills.
  • Egyptian: Patience and the importance of building strong foundations to leave a lasting legacy.
  • Druid: Ability to communicate through symbols and using multi-dimensional energies.
  • Nun: Optimistic outlook. Complete faith.
  • Ballet dancer: Open heart and unconditional love and compassion for all.
  • Professor: Self-discipline and focus.

Afterwards she shared that as I connected her to her past life selves she had different physical and emotional sensations. Eg

Lemurian: ‘I felt an incredible sensation of lightness and agility of the physical body.’

Greek philosopher: ‘I felt like there was a finger touching each of my temples

Galactic Gate keeper:  I felt energy pouring into my head.

 Nun: My hands got very warm.

Ballet dancer: I felt very emotional.

It was an honour to facilitate this process of bringing in and linking my client with these past life attributes and abilities. They resonated with her and after two recent quite solitary lifetimes (ballet dancer and professor) she now has a team of past life helpers with all their wisdom and resources that she can draw on for support as she moves forward with her mission and purpose in this lifetime.

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