Newsletter: Akashic Readings NZ: November 2017



                   Workshop in Wellington on March 17th and 18th 2018  

                              Early bird price until 31st of January


 I had a wonderful trip to Europe! It was blissful to be reunited with my son, Hugh and to meet his beautiful new Spanish partner Marta and her family.

We walked the last 117kms of the Camino Francis together and the energy was magic! As we flew into Santiago de Compostela the night before beginning our walk I had my Akashic Record open and received the following information: that the 7 of us had walked this trail before many centuries ago and had been ambushed and killed by Moors 5 days before we reached our destination. I was told that we had been carrying the trauma ever since and that in order for us to move on more rapidly with our lives we needed to complete what we had started hundreds of years ago.

As we arrived at our destination there was a feeling of euphoria and I felt lighter and happier than ever before.

Many people I know have travelled overseas this year. When we return to somewhere we have lived before we reconnect with the energy of past-lives and experiences and not only release and heal from ‘past-life’ traumatic events but reconnect with past-life attributes that can help us in the present.

While I was in Europe I reconnected with 3 past-lives I am proud of. I was female in these lifetimes and lived in Tudor England, 13th century France and in Scotland at the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie. These women all had a strong sense of self and defied the conventions of their times. When I arrived home I opened my Akashic Record and closed my eyes and connected to their energy.
They were all women of principle. They weren’t seduced by or bound to the rigid rules and beliefs prevailing in the society of their day. They were willing to think and act differently. My 13th century Cathar self died for her faith and beliefs when she was burnt at the stake. It was helpful for me on a soul level to return to the Languedoc region in France to release old trauma from this lifetime but it has been more helpful to connect with the strong characters and attributes of these 3 past-life selves. I now have their help and support on a daily basis and an inner strength and purpose that wasn’t there a few months ago. Recently I have been facilitating healing work within the Akashic Records where clients connect to their past-life selves and heal trauma on a deep soul level and / or connect with them for help with their lives in the present. This is a powerful process and truly life changing.

I am very excited about running my first overseas workshop in Sydney next weekend!!

This will be my last newsletter for 2017.December is looking busy but very exciting with my son and his partner coming to live in New Zealand, my husband having a ‘significant’ birthday (it will be my turn next year), a family wedding over Xmas and some lovely German friends coming to stay.

Merry Christmas and many blessings to all of you in the year ahead. I have lots to look forward to in 2018. There are some new products in the pipeline, I will be working on my next book and am planning to begin giving talks and readings to groups via the internet.

The Magic of the Akashic Records Understanding Our Soul Journey

It is just over two years since I launched my book. I have had emails from people all over the world who have read it, enjoyed it and found it helpful. This has made me very happy. I am keen to get the word out about the Akashic Records to as many people as possible. They can help us to understand the deeper meaning of our lives and are a spectacular ascension tool.

If you have read the book, ‘The Magic of the Akashic Records, Understanding Our Soul Journey’ and like and believe in its message you can help me by:

(1) Lending your copy to others or letting them know how to buy a copy.

(2) Putting in a request for your local library to buy a copy. The book is self published by Selfmade Limited 2015. The ISBN number is 978-0-473-32468-1. The book is available from me or through Amazon and Book Depository UK.

(2) Posting a review on Amazon, Here is the link:


Soul History Workshop Online Course

The ‘Soul History Workshop’ course is now available from me and from my website for $77NZD. (drop box links are sent to download).

The course contains the material I teach at my Level 1, Soul History Workshop. It allows you to learn how to access your Akashic Record and those of others by yourself and at your own pace. It consists of 8 sessions, each of which take from 40 to 65 minutes to complete. Click on this link to find out more:

Email me at if you wish to purchase this course.


If you would like to read and follow my blog, click on the link below:

Upcoming Events : Akashic Readings NZ:  2018

Wellington: 17th and 18th of March:  Soul History Workshop Levels 1 and 2. Can do just Level 1, or Level 2 (if you have completed Level 1) or both.

Early Bird : Pay by 31st of January : Level 1 : $160, Levels 1 and 2: $260.

Level 1 ($175) 9.30am -5.30pm, Level 2 ($140) 9.30am – 4.30pm. Both levels : $285. If you are repeating Level 1 ($265).

(these prices include morning and afternoon teas and lunch on Sunday)

Click on the link to find out more:

Email me at to register.


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